What is LEAP?

LEAP (Landscape Ecological Assessment & Planning) is an innovative, science-based instrument that assists in landscape planning by applying geospatial modeling and optimization techniques to temporal land use and ecological data for analyzing restoration scenarios. LEAP provides resource development and restoration options for large landscapes over long time frames.

LEAP enables resource managers to assess the current ecological condition, model future ecological changes from development and restoration programs, and create workplans that achieve strategic landscape objectives.

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wildlife monitoring

Where the Wild Things Are: A Review of the Algar Wildlife Monitoring Project

In recent years, there have been ongoing improvements in resource exploration techniques that have allowed for faster recovery of the impacted forest. However, legacy conventional seismic lines have often been slow to revegetate on their …

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As a co-developer of LEAP, Silvacom has the knowledge and experience to help your company create innovative plans that work.

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