Measuring Ecosystem Services


The first Advisory Committee meeting for the Algar Ecosystem Services Assessment project was held on Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Members were invited to attend the meeting either in person at Silvacom’s Edmonton office, or by teleconference. The purpose of the kick-off meeting was to review the project scope, deliverables and timeline. It also provided an opportunity for everyone to introduce themselves and voice any initial questions or suggestions as the project moves forward.

It was determined early on that the involvement of key stakeholders was necessary in order for the project to be effective at developing recommendations that have broader implications for policy. Potential Advisory Committee members were first identified based on their demonstrated interest and expertise in the area of ecosystem services assessments and conservation offsets. Since it was important that a range of perspectives were represented, a mixture of qualified stakeholders from industry, government, ENGO’s and the academic world were invited to become part of the project’s Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee will be engaged and informed on the status and direction of the project throughout the initiative. Stakeholder feedback and input is expected to be a valuable part of the process. One of the final project deliverables will be a report section summarizing the processes developed with the stakeholders and team as well as the results of the Algar ecosystem services assessment.

Four more Advisory Committee meetings will be held at different stages in the project to ensure valuable stakeholder feedback is incorporated throughout the entire process.